Honda is set to construct an extensive electric vehicle (EV) value chain in Canada, estimated to be worth CAD 15 billion. This initiative aims to fortify Honda's EV supply system and capabilities, anticipating a surge in EV demand in North America in the future.

Production of Honda's electric vehicles is projected to commence in 2028. Once fully operational, the EV plant is slated to have a production capacity of 240,000 EVs annually, while the EV battery plant is expected to produce 36 GWh per year.

In support of this endeavor, Honda is partnering with the governments of Canada and Ontario to foster innovation in low-emissions manufacturing.

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Honda also positioned its existing auto production plants in the state of Ohio, in the US, as its EV Hub for production, with an investment of USD 700 million. The Ohio EV hub will serve as the foundation for future EV and EV battery production, including the new EV assembly and battery plants in Ontario, Canada.

By leveraging the EV production knowledge gained at the Ohio EV Hub, combined with the abundant resources and clean energy available in Canada, Honda can establish a stable supply system for batteries.

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Commenting on the historic investment made by a manufacturer in the Canadian auto industry, Jean Marc Leclerc, President and CEO of Honda Canada Inc, said, "It proudly honours the highly skilled associates who have earned a global reputation for manufacturing excellence and represents Honda's recognition of the long-term attractiveness of the Canadian electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem."