Canada's Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, revealed an investment of $229,356 towards Hypercharge for the deployment of 48 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers at 11 different parking facilities in Southern Ontario. Hypercharge also contributed additional funding, resulting in a combined project value of $458,712.

“We recognize that parking lot locations in these municipalities remain underserved by EV charging, and this investment ensures that we take a proactive step in addressing that gap,” said David Bibby, president and CEO, Hypercharge.

The chargers, set to be accessible by December 2024, are contributing to ensuring that Canadians can travel to their destinations with confidence and convenience.

"We're making electric vehicles more affordable and charging more available where Canadians live, work and play. Investing in more EV chargers, like these ones in Ontario, will put more Canadians in the driver's seat on the road to a strong, healthy net-zero future,” said Minister Wilkinson.

In order to facilitate the transition for drivers, the Canadian government is actively backing the establishment of a comprehensive charging infrastructure that spans from coast to coast. These charging stations will be strategically placed along highways; in public areas within communities; on street sides; within multi-use residential buildings; at workplaces; and for use by vehicle fleets.

As of now, the government has already provided support for the installation of nearly 45,000 charging stations throughout the country, marking significant progress towards the nationwide objective of facilitating the setup of 84,500 EV chargers by the year 2029.