Kyndryl has inaugurated a Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Barrie, Ontario, aimed at delivering comprehensive assistance and safeguarding throughout the entire cycle of cyber threats, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and integrated automation systems.

A Cyber Defense Hub

Functioning as a cyber defense hub, the SOC operates 24/7, providing cyber threat intelligence and incident response by cybersecurity experts. Kyndryl offers a hybrid model enabling organizations to selectively outsource specific cybersecurity functions or entrust Kyndryl with the comprehensive management of their cybersecurity operations. This adaptability is pivotal as cyber incidents proliferate across industries and government sectors, especially with new cybersecurity regulations anticipated from the Government of Canada.

"The rise of cyber incidents has introduced new priorities for leaders, including building cyber resilience, addressing regulations and compliance, and navigating security skills shortages. Drawing upon our experience with managing complex and critical IT infrastructures, Kyndryl's new Security Operations Centre responds to these concerns with a flexible and scalable model that helps organizations anticipate, protect, withstand and recover from cyber threats," said Farhaz Thobani, President, Kyndryl Canada.

Leveraging Kyndryl's global reach, the new SOC will collaborate with other Kyndryl SOCs and cybersecurity experts worldwide, overseeing the security of numerous customers across various industries. They analyze threat intelligence feeds and utilize malware labs to test emerging cyberattack techniques, replay incidents for insights, and facilitate the sharing of threat intelligence.

Kyndryl’s SoaaP Capability

Kyndryl's SOC is powered by the Security Operations as a Platform (SOaaP), tailored for Canada's needs, including data residency requirements. This unified platform, built on Microsoft Azure, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft security tools like Sentinel and Defender. It monitors, detects, prevents, and responds to cyber threats in real time, in collaboration with Kyndryl's global teams.

Integrated on Kyndryl Bridge, the SOaaP offers enhanced visibility and streamlined threat management for customers' IT infrastructure.