TELUS has achieved a major milestone by finishing its PureFibre network project in Lac La Biche County, Alberta. This accomplishment represents a significant step forward in delivering advanced connectivity to rural communities, enabling TELUS to offer PureFibre services to more than 1,400 homes and businesses.

TELUS also provided gigabit internet speeds and improved cellular coverage throughout the area.

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"With the completion of the TELUS PureFibre network, residents and businesses in Lac La Biche and Plamondon can now enjoy the revolutionary fast and most reliable internet service available, which is essential for today’s digital economy," said Shazia Zeb Sobani, VP of Customer Network Planning at TELUS. "This significant investment not only demonstrates our commitment to bridging digital divides but also ensures that all members of the community have the digital tools necessary for success in the modern world."

TELUS PureFibre network has revolutionized Lac La Biche County, delivering unmatched internet speed and reliability to families and businesses alike. This essential upgrade meets the demands of modern digital lifestyles and entertainment needs.

Local businesses now benefit from enhanced connectivity, gaining a competitive advantage to compete globally from a rural location, along with advancements in healthcare and education that have been realized through innovative service platforms like cloud computing, telemedicine, and remote learning.

"Thanks to Lac La Biche County investing in fibre, our community now has infrastructure that not only meets current needs but also positions us for future growth. State-of-the-art connectivity like TELUS PureFibre means that Lac La Biche County can attract new entrepreneurs and investment, allowing us to sell ourselves as a uniquely beautiful and quiet rural community with all the amenities of a larger centre,” said Mayor Paul Reutov of Lac La Biche County. “The benefits of this project – from improved healthcare and education access to enhanced business capabilities – will be felt across the County for generations to come."

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TELUS’ Long-Term Investment in Alberta

From 2000 to 2023, TELUS invested $259 billion nationwide in network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum, with over $60 billion allocated specifically for Alberta.

As Lac La Biche County embraces this new era of connectivity, TELUS remains dedicated to investing in communities throughout Alberta, ensuring all residents can access top-tier network technology.

This ongoing investment underscores TELUS' commitment to delivering world-class connectivity across the province.

In Q2 2024, TELUS announced a $16 billion investment aimed at significant expansion and enhancement of its network infrastructure and operations in Alberta over the next five years, aiming to foster innovation, promote growth, and strengthen communities across the region.

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