Alberta is positioning itself as a leader in digital transformation for industrial sectors, with substantial investments and a robust support system for startups. This dynamic environment promises a prosperous future for industrial innovation in the region.

Among the contributors in this journey is McRock Capital's Fund III which is dedicated to digital industrial innovation. Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC) has invested USD 10 million into this fund to support the growth of early stage Alberta companies, together with institutional investors and industry leaders such as Export Development Canada and Bell Ventures.

The fund will channel investments into scaling industrial software businesses across North America and Europe, regions identified as pivotal for the next wave of technological growth.

Alberta’s Unique Potential

Alberta is recognized globally for its talent in machine learning and its leadership in developing technologies for efficient and clean industrial operations. In fact, over half of Alberta's startups are dedicated to creating industrial software for sectors like energy and mining.

Moreover, Alberta's thriving tech ecosystem, particularly in software, AI, and sustainability, aligns with McRock's vision to lead globally in digital industrial innovation.

Alberta's appeal as a tech hub continues to grow, attracting significant capital and talent. The province's reputation as a cost-effective location for tech startups is well established, fostering an environment where innovative companies can thrive.