Telehouse Canada, a leading colocation data center service provider, has officially launched its first three data centers in downtown Toronto, located at 250 Front Street West, 151 Front Street West, and 905 King Street West.

The official launch comes after Telehouse, together with parent company and Japanese telecommunications leader, KDDI, signed an agreement to acquire three Toronto data centers in June 2023.

Now fully operational, the enhanced carrier-neutral data centers provide more than 30MW of IT load.

The announcement marks Telehouse Canada’s plans to drastically grow the country’s carrier ecosystem and continue to expand its facilities to power Canada's digital transformation and support the rollout of high-speed Internet nationwide. 


Caption: (L-R) Telehouse Canada’s Data Centers at 250 Front Street West, 151 Front Street West, and 905  King Street West

Facilitating Canada’s Digital World

“We are the first global leader with specialized data center expertise to own and operate these facilities, and we’re bringing more than three decades of experience helping organizations grow,” said Satoshi Adachi, President and CEO of Telehouse Canada. “We’re well-equipped to help accelerate Canada’s digital economy and support Canadian businesses as they scale their digital operations and look to reach new global markets.” 

More than half of all Canada’s carriers, internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs), and content providers have a presence at Telehouse Canada’s data centers, making this interconnected hub the main gateway for Canada’s internet traffic flow, helping Canadians connect digitally with each other and the rest of the world. 

Notably, Telehouse Canada’s three new carrier-neutral data centers act as a nerve center of Canadian telecommunications and play a critical role in facilitating Canadians’ experience of the digital world as vast, seamless, fast and interconnected.  

Ecosystem Expansion

Telehouse Canada currently hosts around 200 connectivity partners across its three data centers. The company aims to significantly grow this ecosystem and meet growing demand by upgrading facilities, expanding capacity and exploring opportunities to grow its Canadian presence. 

“We recognize the significance of these data centers to Canada’s digital infrastructure and how we can contribute to building Canada’s technology leadership and competitive edge in an increasingly interconnected world,” said Adachi. “Our commitment to carrier-neutrality means organizations have the flexibility to partner with network providers that best suit their needs to minimize costs and maximize performance. Ultimately, our goal is to significantly expand the size of this diverse ecosystem by fostering a supportive and collaborative partnership environment.” 

Currently, the demand for advanced connectivity services is growing rapidly in Canada due to the transition to 5G, the spread of IoT technology and the Canadian government’s Connectivity Strategy, which will extend high-speed Internet access to all Canadians by 2030.

Looking ahead, Telehouse Canada is exploring opportunities to leverage KDDI and Telehouse’s global expertise to meet growing Canadian demand for more AI-supportive data center infrastructure. 

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