TELUS has declared the completion of its acquisition of Vumetric, a prominent cybersecurity provider. Given the rise of cyber threats and the average global cost of data breaches hitting USD 4.45 million, the imperative for businesses to fortify themselves with cutting-edge technology has never been more crucial.

"Canadian businesses are looking for comprehensive visibility into the security of their infrastructure and a more robust security posture, and we can provide them peace of mind knowing their business is protected 24/7," said Heather Tulk, President, Commercial and Public Sector, TELUS Business. "Vumetric's expertise in pinpointing security weaknesses is a valuable addition to our extensive range of advisory, management, and security services and solutions."

TELUS is bolstering its suite of security services, spanning Advisory Services, Cloud Security, Network Security, and Cyber Defense, by incorporating Vumetric's tailored digital platform. Seamlessly synced with major cloud platforms, Vumetric's platform offers an avant-garde, customer-focused methodology to cybersecurity testing. This solution streamlines the intricacies of penetration testing, empowering businesses to preemptively reinforce their cybersecurity with streamlined, on-demand testing.

"Joining forces with TELUS is a milestone for Vumetric,'' said Patrick Chevalier, President and CEO of Vumetric. "Our advanced cybersecurity testing solutions, combined with TELUS' comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services and decades of expertise, create a formidable team dedicated to securing digital infrastructure across industries."

TELUS’s Cybersecurity Efforts

TELUS offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to fortify organizations against both current and emerging cyber threats. These services encompass securing evolving networks and perimeters, ensuring robust protection for data and applications in the cloud, partnering with organizations to proactively prepare, monitor, respond, and protect environments around the clock, and providing expert guidance to navigate complex cybersecurity landscapes.

With a focus on resilience and proactive defense, TELUS equips organizations with the strategies and tools necessary to maintain a strong security posture in today's dynamic threat landscape.

Overall, TELUS is committed to extending cybersecurity beyond businesses, aiming to empower all its customers in the digital realm. Through TELUS Wise, a free digital literacy education program, individuals of all ages receive informative workshops and resources for a positive digital experience. Celebrating its 10th year, the program now includes a new Responsible AI workshop for youth developed in partnership with CIFAR/Destination AI.

Furthermore, TELUS provides consumers with a robust array of Online Security solutions, delivering multi-layered protection against cyber threats such as device security, dark web monitoring, and a secure VPN. These solutions come with proactive threat detection and identity theft recovery services, ensuring complete online safety and peace of mind.

With over two decades of experience and an extensive security portfolio, the acquisition of Vumetric further enhances TELUS' commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions to its customers.