TELUS unveiled a pioneering GenAI solution, marking a significant milestone for Canadian innovation.

With Fuel iX, an enterprise-grade AI engine crafted by TELUS International, the TELUS GenAI support tool leverages cutting-edge technology to simplify the implementation and administration of customized GenAI solutions at scale. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with the extensive language models of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, enhancing its capabilities even further.

"We know our customers value their time and convenience, and we're excited to use the power of generative AI to help them self-serve and make their support experience quicker, easier and more intuitive," said Hesham Fahmy, Chief Information Officer at TELUS. "TELUS is equally committed to our globally-recognized responsible and ethical approach to technology design and data stewardship, and our AI support tool is no exception."

A More Convenient and Seamless Digital Experience

Since its launch, the TELUS GenAI support tool has efficiently handled over 50,000 customer queries, outperforming traditional site search methods by 28% in helping customers find desired information. For personalized assistance, customers with account-specific questions can seamlessly connect with TELUS agents.

Powered by advanced GenAI technology, the tool utilizes machine learning to generate content, images, and text based on existing data and patterns. Leveraging its extensive database of over 1,000 customer support articles, it delivers quick and intelligent responses to common queries, ensuring efficient round-the-clock support.

Moreover, privacy and security are paramount, with the tool integrating ethical privacy by design and responsible AI principles into its development. Rigorous risk mitigation testing further ensures the identification and safeguarding against vulnerabilities, upholding robust security standards.

AI Milestone and Commitment

TELUS has established itself as a prominent global figure in the ethical utilization of AI, earning the esteemed Outstanding Organization 2023 award from the Responsible AI Institute. This recognition underscores TELUS's steadfast dedication to cultivating trust and contributing to societal welfare through its AI initiatives.

Notably, TELUS holds the distinction of being Canada's inaugural telecom company to endorse the Government of Canada's voluntary code of conduct for generative AI. This landmark commitment aims to uphold transparency, equity, and responsibility in the development and implementation of GenAI technology.

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