The Conference of Montreal, one of the largest and most established economic conferences in North America, held its 2023 edition under the theme "Thriving in a World in Transition," featuring high-level speakers including Börje Ekholm, president and CEO, Ericsson.

“In our rapidly changing world, 5G is supporting millions of people, enterprises and economies in numerous ways. It was, therefore, a pleasure to attend the Conference of Montreal and discuss solutions to some of the planet’s biggest challenges with distinguished guests, including representatives of the Government of Canada,” said Ekholm on his LinkedIn post.

Ekholm addressed the Opening Partners’ Luncheon, where the main topic focused on how to remain competitive in an era of digitalization.

Giving an example of how a 10% increase in mobile broadband adoption can increase economic growth (GDP) by up to 0.8%, Ekholm emphasized how, against the backdrop of increasing global fragmentation, better connectivity has a powerful role to play in creating more resilient societies. And there are even greater potential benefits for low-income countries.

Connectivity is essential for tackling the climate crisis, improving access to education and new skills, and bridging the digital divide. “Governments must work together with the private sector to lay the foundation for a brighter future, and, as I’ve said before, digitalization is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet. Continuing investment in innovation and using next-generation technologies for good will improve people’s lives, redefine business and pioneer a sustainable future,” concluded Ekholm.

In April 2023, the Canadian government announced a five-year research and development partnership with Ericsson Canada that would see hundreds of jobs created at facilities in Ottawa and Montreal.

"By investing in this new opportunity with Ericsson, we're helping deliver the technologies Canadians expect in a world of fast-paced change, and we're making our economy stronger," noted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "We're excited to see the potential (Ericsson) will bring forward with this project."

"Ericsson’s R&D investment partnership with the Canadian government, supported by world-class talent in Ottawa and Montreal, will boost innovation and ultimately help to improve the lives of millions of people," explained Ekholm on this venture. "We are determined to lead our industry through continued R&D investment."