Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. has a new 100G capable wavelength route from Montreal, Quebec to Albany, New York. The new route will provide multiple terabits of long haul transport capacity between Montreal and major northeast U.S. markets and is expected to be in service by January 2020.

The success-based wavelength route will offer full, physical triversity out of Montreal, providing a shorter and more direct path to Albany. From Albany, routes traverse either East to Boston or South to New York City and most other northeast markets. It also provides an attractive additional route from Toronto, Canada’s financial capital, to New York City.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, Canada. The metro area is a hub for technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), gaming, commerce, culture, finance and world affairs. This wavelength route provides a differentiated option for carriers, fintech, webscale and other enterprises needing high-speed, dedicated connectivity.

“This route enables customers to directly connect from Montreal to New York City, Ashburn, New Jersey, Philly and other major cities in the northeast without having to double the distance and latency via routes that traverse west,” said Annette Murphy, executive vice president of Lit Solutions at Zayo. “This also provides a new redundant and diverse option out of Toronto back to Montreal and the East Coast and strengthens our position in the pan-North American marketplace.”

Zayo’s extensive wavelength network provides dedicated bandwidth to major data centers, carrier hotels, cable landing stations and enterprise locations in North American and Western Europe. Options include express, ultra-low and low-latency routes and private dedicated networks.