Cogeco unveils a revamped operational model aimed at enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency while fueling future expansion.

By consolidating the commercial, operational, and technical functions of its Canadian and US telecommunications operations into a unified North American structure, the company is poised to establish robust cross-border centers of expertise in critical areas like digital innovation, advanced analytics, and technology integration.

These strategic changes will expedite the deployment of top talent and best practices across the organization, streamlining systems and platforms for greater operational synergy.

"We identified a significant opportunity to increase our speed, drive new innovation and operate more efficiently," said Frédéric Perron, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cogeco. "Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing industry, this nimbler structure will increase our agility and bring our top leaders closer to our customers and front-line teams."

Restructuring in Place

Effective September 1, 2024, the leadership team under Frédéric Perron will undergo notable changes.

Sean Brushett will transition into the role of Chief Operating Officer, bringing his expertise from Breezeline (Cogeco's US telecommunications business) while Nancy Audette will ascend to Senior Vice President - Growth Initiatives, entrusted with expanding the corporation's digital brands and wireless services across Canada and the United States. This follows her previous role as SVP and General Manager, Consumer at Cogeco Connexion (Cogeco's Canadian telecommunications business).

Marie Ginette Lepage will take on the role of Senior Vice President - Transformation, overseeing pivotal revenue and cost initiatives across the corporation.

Additionally, Paul Cowling will join Cogeco on July 2, 2024, as the new Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer.

Notably, Patrice Ouimet (Chief Financial Officer), Tim Dinesen (Chief Technology and Information Officer), Linda Gillespie (Chief Human Resources Officer), and Caroline Paquet (President, Cogeco Media) will continue leading their respective areas.

"Congratulations to our new executive team members. Their proven track records will be invaluable for this next phase of our strategy. I would also like to thank our departing executives, Valéry Zamuner and Frank van der Post, for their contributions. Mr. van der Post has been instrumental in leading our US operations for the past five years," concluded Mr. Perron.