The application form for the Montreal Community Investment Committee's grant, originated by TELUS, is now open for submissions. Canadian charities, registered and dedicated to empowering youth through health or education programs, may qualify for funding of up to USD 20,000. Interested organizations are encouraged to explore the grants provided by the Community Investment Committees.

Additionally, TELUS Community Boards are providing a platform for local community leaders to identify and support grassroots charitable initiatives that address the specific needs of their communities. Those eligible to apply are registered charities or qualified donees acknowledged by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) who have not received funding from the specific TELUS Community Board they are seeking support from in the last 12 months.

Moreover, priority is given to programs that showcase how the use of technology can enhance their effectiveness and create positive impacts on communities. These programs may involve automating or digitizing existing services, improving digital capabilities through online learning curriculum, or establishing sensory-friendly environments for individuals with disabilities. Registered charities can apply to any TELUS Canadian Community Board in the same year, as long as their program operates within and directly benefits youth in the specific region covered by that Community Board. Separate applications must be completed for each Community Board region. The application period for the Community Boards in the year 2024 is open from January 8th to February 5th.

Additionally, charities can also apply for a TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Innovation Grant, provided that the proposed program differs from what is being submitted to a TELUS Canadian Community Board for consideration.

To be eligible, programs must focus on supporting youth up to the age of 29 in Canada who are facing obstacles in achieving their full potential, with a particular emphasis on health or education. Furthermore, these programs must be implemented in specific regions within Canada.

These endeavors signify a dedication to empowering and fostering the potential of young individuals in need throughout different regions in Canada. This opportunity aims to drive positive change for the betterment of communities and the overall well-being of youth.